Dogs Paradise Resort

“One of the Best Pet Hotels in Canada’s West Coast ”

Eugene and Helen - The Founders of Dogs Paradise Resort

Eugene and Helen - The Founders of Dogs Paradise Resort



Our Mission is simple. We have a dog and it was always a problem where to leave her when we would go on vacation or on a trip to the mountains. We wanted to make sure that she would stay in a bright, big kennel with fresh air and have her own secure space for the time we were away. We were looking for a facility where she will be comfortable and not stressed. We needed to be sure she would not be abused by other dogs and would not get bad manners and unpleasant behaviours like barking or reactive dogs. We needed to be sure the facility was healthy and all dogs have their vaccinations up to date. Also we would like to be well serviced. Hmm.. not very strange wishes are they? We tried long and hard and we found that we are not the only “Crazy” Pet Owners like this, many of us have the same problem. We decided that this was a good opportunity to open our own Pet Hotel where all of our wishes can come true and today we are the only approved Dog Boarding facility in Lac St Anne County and also became one of the best Pet Hotels in the West Coast of Canada! But if you don’t believe me, come and check us out! Some reviews are below from happy customers.

I left my dog in here for two weeks, when
I tried to take my Dog back home, she didn’t want to go back at all, she just want to be there.... Damn that is the best place...
— Andrew
Really impressed with this place — very new, very clean, lots of light, and great staff
— Marc
Met with the owners, they are amazing and caring the only place i think i will feel comfortable leaving my pup. The owners answered all my questions and concerns and I have no worries about leaving my dog in they’re care. Staff is friendly and well trained I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. I know its hard to leave your pet with unknown people but Dog’s Paradise Resort is well equipped for any dog and any behaviors dogs may come with, I’m so excited to take my next holiday completely stress free knowing my pup will be well looked after.
— Samantha

Dogs paradise resort is the best!!! Just took our dog from there a week ago. Eugene the owner, gave us an update on the dog every day,sent us pics of him. Great prices as well. I checked a few other places before sending our dog to the dogs paradise. This one is the cleanest and very affordable!
— Inna
Dogs Paradise Resort is an amazing kennel, the best you can imagine for your pets. New, clean, beautiful, cozy building with plenty of space for each dog and cat.
— Natalia
I strongly recommend this place for people who have pets.

Good service, great pets care and fair price!!
— Minh
I’ve left my dog in a few places before. Dog Paradise Resort is the largest kennel I’ve seen yet. Clean with lots of room. The staff is friendly and professional.
— Anastasia
Dog paradise is a wonderful resort for dogs and cats. Owners have done a very nice job to build this place. New, huge kennels, heated floors, spacious premises, fresh beds, brand new equipment, comfortable living environment, affordable prices and very friendly staff. We would strongly recommend this place to anyone who loves and takes care of their pet
— Yuriy