We have taken the dog boarding business to a new level. Our facilities are designed for your pet's fun, comfort and safety. Our professional and experienced staff provides 5 star service for your dogs and cats. We know that your dog is an important member of the family! Yes, we understand it is really stressful for you and believe us- it is way more stressful for them. We’re not a typical boarding kennel and we’re here to provide your pet with an amazing experience and a home-away-from-home! They deserve luxury care and sensitive service for all of their needs especially when their owner is away.

dog shuttle SERVICE

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At our Dog Training Center in West Edmonton Location: 20414 - 107 Ave NW, Edmonton AB , You can drop off your dog(s) for a free transfer to our Pet Hotel daily from 18:00-18:30 (please book your spot early - this service is very popular)

Shuttle bus will leave Training Center no later than 18:30.

Transfer from the Pet Hotel to the Training Center is also available and dogs must be picked up no later than 17:45.

Safety comes first and for their safety, all dogs will be staying in travel kennels during voyage to Pet Hotel.

Registration form for First Time Traveler:

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4 Steps Before Boarding

  • Please call 587-989-8887 and book your pets' stay (leave a message with your contact number and the operator will return your call ASAP) also you can book online.

  • Schedule a date and time of arrival.

  • Make sure that the vaccination certificate is up to date. Contact your Vet and have a copy if you do not have one. Too busy to do it yourself? We are happy to call your veterinarian for you! Vaccine must be done at least 5 days prior to boarding. Sorry, Zero tolerance for this rule.  Vaccination tip

  • Most importantly - Enjoy our service.


What to have for boarding

  • Collar:

    Dogs must have a strong individual collar. 

  • Blanket:

    Our guests will be provided with fresh sanitized blankets and comfortable beds (an additional cost $1 a day each, or you can purchase our bed, use it here and take it home after). Also, you can bring your own blanket with a smell from home for an easy adaptation period. Foam beds or mattresses are not recommended for safety reasons.

  • Toys:

    You can bring your own toys. Also, you can purchase interactive toys from the reception that will really help your furry friend reduce anxiety and home sickness. Of course, you will take toys home after and bring them next time.  

  • Travel Kennel:

    You can use your travel kennel if your dogs go from Our Dog Training Center to the Pet Hotel by shuttle bus. We are providing our Travel kennels for your convenience. Safety first! Travel in a shuttle without a kennel is strongly prohibited.

    Cats must be in their own travel kennels in any case. Shuttle from Training Center to Hotel or From your car to the cats room.


Information on Food and Feeding


In our experience, pets feel better when maintaining their regular daily diet, therefore; we strongly recommend bringing your pet's food. If you choose to use our food, we provide Quality Food (there is an additional cost of $1.00 per cup if using our food). We prepare food as requested (i.e. add water to food, mix canned food with the dry, heat food, mix in supplements or medications with food, etc.). We have a fridge and freezer to accommodate perishable items.

We feed in the mornings and evenings (noon feedings can be administered if required). Food will be left in the kennels and is accessible for pets that prefer to nibble throughout the day or night. (except raw food). Water is always available for your pets and is checked, cleaned and replenished throughout the day. We also accept raw food diets.


How Dog Owners Can Reduce their dogs Stress


Allow plenty of time to deliver your pet to the kennel so you are not in a last minute panic and pushed for time. Your stress will be communicated to your dog, and it is better if they leave you when you are relaxed and happy.

When you leave, try to be jolly and matter of fact, rather than consoling. Negative energy can be sensed by your pet, elevating their stress level.

We treat your pets as if they were our own. As such, our facility provides all the comforts of home.  

Sorry we work with pets only, pet owners have to manage their own stress by themselves :).